Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rams Off-Seasons Starts Anew

The Rams almost got in to the playoffs this year but felt short because of the lack of deep passing game in the offense. It was evident that the Rams needed to upgrade the offense and there were calls for a change on the offensive coordinator position as Pat Shurmur offense is deemed "no longer fit". 

Fortunately, days after the end of the regular season, the Cleveland Browns hired Shurmur to be their new head coach. This saved the Rams management the trouble of "relieving" Shurmur (although there was no real plans to replace Shurmur but a dire need to "turn up volume" of the offense was in order). The Rams then  found his replacement in former Broncos head coach and offensive guru Josh McDaniels

McDaniels hiring had some mix reactions to some of the fans and football experts as McDaniels has been known to be a "pass-happy" coach and is not a "West Coast Offense" guy which is good for Sam Bradford in some ways because this would benefit his skills but this also mean he will learn a brand new scheme. However during his press conference and after talking to both Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson, he has emphasized that both Bradford and Jackson will be the focus of his new "balanced but aggressive offensive scheme" which is remain to be seen until training camp and pre-season.

The next thing on the agenda for the Rams will be the free agency which will start around March 2011. the team needs to address the following positions: Wide Receiver,  a backup running back,  Offensive Lineman (the right guard in particular), the weakside linebacker, depth on the defensive line and in the secondary.